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A dedicated and passion-filled group of professionals that come from every profession. Each bringing their own expertise

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Nakibaala Grace

Grace Nakibaala is a Student Architect and an innovation fellow at Makerere University, School of Public Health, ResilientAfrica Network RAN with a passion for Architectural and cultural suitability and infection prevention and control in both community and occupational health with over 5 years of experience researching, working and innovating in that line. She is a student of a post graduate in Applied ICT in health. Grace works with Ministry of Health Ebola Case management a project funded by World Health Organisation as the Ebola Treatment Unit Architect.

She reimagined the existing Isolation centres and designed the proposed national isolation centre for especially dangerous pathogens. Her work has been presented at international conferences that are focusing on infection prevention and control including OCHEA, 11th JASHC, 23rd UNACOH, 17th ICID, 8th UCSF, and 8th International symposium on filo viruses. Grace has international training in case management of especially dangerous pathogens.

Currently pursuing a post graduate in Applied ICT in health As an innovator she is the founder and CEO of innov/asepsis a company that focuses on innovation for health solution with their flag ship product PedalTap that is an award winner of UC Berkleys, YSiG and BDC. Innov/Asepsis identifies problems in the community that lead to infection spread and come up with a solution tailored to fit that particular community. In her capacity as an architect and IPC specialist,, she is a product developer for EpiTent Company that is reimagining the tent for humanitarian services. She doubles as the product developer, researcher and community liaison. Since 2015 Grace is a mentor and coach for numerous innovations through the RAN pitch Tuesdays, RAN 4 girls specifically STEM Power Uganda and the RAN innovation garage. She is the president of STEM power and vice president for the RAN innovation garage. Grace has mentored, coached and judged at Technovation. She is the Big Ideas UC Berkleys ambassador for Uganda.

Exhibited at UMA

Grace has organized over 50 events focusing but not limited to university students, primary and high school students, with an innovation that impacts community including the monthly innovation garages, National technovation challenge, STEM power Uganda chapter under RAN for girls. She is very knowledgeable in human centered design methodologies, business development, and concept development, needs-finding among others. Beyond architecture and innovation, Grace loves God and continuously shares God’s love with disadvantaged people through Special Olympics Uganda and FOCUS Uganda.

You alone have the power to write your life story, what is it going to be?!- Grace Nakibaala
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Molly Nannyonjo

Mbaziira Molly Nannyonjo is a fifth year Medical student at Makerere University. She has spent most of her undergraduate training in hospitals.

She is very passionate about health promotion and found this innovation key in achieving this objective. When she is not studying medicine, she is actively involved in university politics and health related voluntary activities.

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Pidson Abaho

Pidson is a graduate Mechanical Engineer from Makerere University with experience spanning over four years. He previously worked with MOGAS UGANDA and is now a design engineer based at Innovation Consortium.

He is a serial innovator and believes that he can come up with an innovative solution to any challenge.

He has been exposed to and certified in Human Centered Design, HSE and waste water systems. Pidson is well conversant with mechanical engineering design software like Solid works and Solid edge.

Apart from being involved in the design and prototyping of the pedal tap, he has been involved in the designed and fabrication of several other products including an improved maize thresher (KUNGULA), solar dryer, a mobile coffee trolley among others.
Pidson is so passionate about making the world a better place through engineering design and innovation.

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Isah Ssevume

He is an adaptable and innovative student of Mechanical Engineering currently in his final year of study, with experience in both industrial engineering and Human-Centered engineering and design.

He has worked with a team of health workers, architects, social scientists, IT personnel as well as engineers to design temporary structures for emergency health requirements.

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RAN/ ResilientAfrica Network

RAN supports us through mentorship, pitch Wednesday, the innovation garage, access to innovator activities and exhibitions, pitch Wednesdays where this innovation has been pitched and critiqued.

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Innovation Consortium limited

They provide technical supervision, fabricating of the prototypes.

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Ministry Of Health

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Dr. Opar Benard

Can I be a mentor? Most likely – You certainly don’t need previous mentoring experience as we will provide training. Basically, if you’re a good listener, and you have a positive, supportive attitude, then chances are you’ve got what our entrepreneurs need. But of course, knowing a bit about the challenges of running a small business is a big plus

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